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Kanna Health is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics focused on men’s health and mental health conditions. They recently obtained regulatory clinical approvals (US IND, UK CTA) and have initiated Phase 1 human trials to assess the safety and pharmacokinetics of the lead product. Their lead product candidate, KH-001, is being developed as the first FDA-approved treatment for premature ejaculation, a condition that impacts up to 20% of men. Premature ejaculation has no FDA-approved therapies currently available.

KH-001 is a potent, selective, and rapid-acting serotonin transporter inhibitor intended for on-demand use prior to intercourse. In preclinical studies, KH-001 demonstrated dose-dependent efficacy in delaying ejaculation in a validated animal model, along with a favorable safety profile. Kanna Health has an open IND with the FDA and initiated first-in-human Phase 1 studies in November 2023. With FDA approval, KH-001 is estimated to have peak global sales potential of $2.5-4 billion per year.

In addition to KH-001 for premature ejaculation, Kanna Health is developing a pipeline of proprietary kanna alkaloid-based compounds for rapid-acting treatment of mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

The goal is to do for premature ejaculation what Viagra did to revolutionize erectile dysfunction treatment. The team of repeat founders are raising an insider-led, pre-Series A convertible note, that is already half-filled.

Chakra Growth Fund

Chakra Growth Fund is a fund advancing cleantech and alternative energy solutions uniquely tailored for Indian communities’ needs. Rather than prioritizing investments maximizing financial returns alone, Chakra partners with Indian tech enterprises striving for positive local impact alongside global influence. Their patient funding model empowers companies to benefit society and the planet while still achieving profitability. We chose to invest because Chakra’s emphasis on responsible innovation mirrors our own values.

Additionally, Chakra Fund II, the latest vehicle from Riso Capital building on their successful first fund. With Fund I generating results of 2.7x returns and 107% IRR, Fund II aims to scale up by targeting more mature Indian companies ready for rapid expansion capital, aiming for 5-7x returns. Areas of focus include electric mobility, agriculture technology, battery tech and more – strategic sectors riding the momentum of India’s development. With our emerging market investment experience and Riso’s results and pipeline, we see Fund II as a compelling opportunity to support India’s continued equitable growth.

Chakra has an impressive portfolio of companies that we can support through co-investment. These companies include:
1. Altergo – Provides performance insights for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
2. Ambee – Delivers real-time pollution and emissions insights to reduce climate change risks.
3. SupplyNote – Facilitates supply chain operations and data insights for retailers, service providers, and suppliers.

As the world’s fastest-expanding major economy, India presents vast possibilities in EV, battery technology, agri-tech and beyond. We invested in Chakra based on Riso’s proven capacity to identify winners in this explosive environment and accelerate their impact.


OpenDrives was founded in 2011 to provide innovative software solutions for managing and storing data across diverse IT environments, including on-premises and multi-cloud. Their flexible and scalable architecture enables media companies to easily handle massive video files. By integrating disparate systems, OpenDrives allows seamless data movement to wherever it is needed, reducing reliance on any one hardware vendor.

We invested in OpenDrives because of their proven track record in meeting the demanding broadcast workflows of major global events, for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, OpenDrives enabled Fox Sports’ coverage to leverage lightning-fast technology. With marquee US sports and media clients such as Fox News, NFL, and Madison Square Garden, OpenDrives has demonstrated the ability to support top-tier organizations.

Given OpenDrives’ successes in the US, we believe there is significant potential to expand their footprint internationally. Our expertise in both European and UK sports and technology markets can facilitate OpenDrives’ entry and growth in these regions. With Joao as the brand ambassador, we can support OpenDrives fully in their expansion of key clients, especially given their agility, and scalability as a provider of data management for large global events. Through our relationships and their product, we are working proactively with OpenDrives’ on additions to their international sales strategy, where we aim to collectively drive rapid expansion into Europe and the UK.

AMLO Biosciences

Rather than taking a passive role, we pursue an active investment strategy aimed at amplifying the positive impact of our portfolio companies. For example, our Chairman recently joined the Board of Directors of AMLO Biosciences, one of our investments focused on expanding access to early cancer screening. He guides commercialization as AMLO looks to bring its potentially life-saving diagnostic solutions to more high-risk populations in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With skin cancer and melanoma rates dangerously high in these countries, we believe AMLO’s innovations could have immense life-saving potential through early detection. Yet making such screening ubiquitously available requires navigating complex regulatory systems. Leveraging decades of healthcare investment experience, we are keen on leveraging time, expertise and networks to help expedite AMLO’s global expansion. Our goal is ensuring equitable delivery of AMLO’s tests to the many communities worldwide where earlier cancer diagnosis can dramatically improve survival outcomes.

Additionally, our team is actively utilizing our extensive European relationships and connections to facilitate AMLO’s vital R&D partnerships across the EU. We take an hands-on approach to linking AMLO with major cancer research hubs where we have the relationships to accelerate its product development and clinical trials. We pursue these active measures because we share AMLO’s mission – not just seeking returns, but seeking to save lives by expanding access to early screening globally.

Sport Finance

Sport Finance

Through Obsidian Sports Finance Limited, the UCEA Group offers financing for a wide range of sports. The COVID pandemic had a negative impact on all sports clubs with the closure of stadia and falling gate receipts. Obsidian has been working with European football clubs to provide financing to help them recover to pre-pandemic levels. These include innovative products such as squad value financing, as well as player transfer receivables and stadium financing. Given our origins we have excellent connections with all the major Portuguese football clubs as well as the English Premier League.


The UCEA Group can trace its origins to the energy sector, and renewable energy development and sustainability are firmly within our investment strategy, as well as our Family Office counterparts. We have brokered the sale of several energy assets, and we regularly provide expert advice on energy investment and cleantech through our advisory board to many other families. UCEA has significant information on the demand from institutional investors and families in this space.


‘People and Planet’, is a familiar term underpinning many families’ investment strategy. Biotechnology, and the desire to benefit humankind through the financing of medical advances, is a key investment theme for us. Our involvement is not limited to sourcing cutting edge biotechnology solutions but also through Qomo Consultancy we are involved in the incubation of promising candidate companies in the UK, promoting a fostering innovative healthcare.


Medical Devices

We have significant interest from family offices for medical devices and innovation in the healthcare space. We offer a range of cutting-edge medical devices that are poised to generate global sales and our advisory board coaches the innovators of new healthcare equipment on how best to approach other family offices and UHNWIs for investment.