UCEA Family Office

Our Single Family Office looks for both direct and co-investment opportunities within our primary sectors

Our Investment Scope

Our Background

We are a third generation Portuguese-origin, Single Family Office previously focused on Real Estate with developments in Portugal and latterly into clean-energy solutions in West Africa.

At the start of the 2000’s we started diversifying our investment strategy into other asset classes and risk profiles. 


Years of Doing Business


Investment Verticals


Years of Sector Expertise

Our Team

As a business, we believe in strong relationships, collective cooperation. We provide access to our specialized experts in our sister companies in sports and energy.

João Teixeira

Group Chairman


Joao is the Group Chairman, his main focus is on the development of the Family Office and the diversification of the investment thesis.


Hear from Our Chairman


AMLO Biosciences

Rather than taking a passive role, we pursue an active investment strategy aimed at amplifying the positive impact of our...

Chakra Growth Fund

Chakra Growth Fund is a fund advancing cleantech and alternative energy solutions uniquely tailored for Indian communities' needs. Rather than...


OpenDrives was founded in 2011 to provide innovative software solutions for managing and storing data across diverse IT environments, including...

Our Services, Business Units and Partners

With the Family Offices’ interests widening and expertise deepening,
there was an opportunity to support our network of single-family offices through expanding into additional services.

Our exclusive Prue’s Lounge connects families in a private investment community.

Through these interwoven offerings, we have been able to expand our investment portfolio with the central philosophy of placing both personal and business relationships at the forefront.

We provide access to our specialized experts in our sister companies in sports and energy.

We’ve been able to build successful, deep and trust relationships between investors and clients, including global brands, private banks, VC’s and equity funds.

We also utilize a wide network of advisors through our advisory service in healthcare, technology and debt finance.


Obsidian Sports Finance

Obsidian Sports Management was created through a collaboration of experienced individuals with expertise and passion in the Sports and Finance


Chakra Growth Fund

Chakra Growth Fund is a fund focused on advancing clean technologies and renewable energy in India. Rather than maximizing returns



OpenDrives provides innovative software solutions for storing and managing data across diverse IT environments. Their flexible and scalable architecture enables


AMLO Biosciences

AMLO Biosciences is developing innovative diagnostic tests for cancer detection using breakthroughs in biomarkers. Their products aim to reduce healthcare


Kanna Health

Kanna Health is a UK-based preclinical stage biotech company developing novel therapeutics to address areas of significant unmet need in



T45 focus on creating cutting-edge medical technologies to meet unaddressed clinical needs and enhance existing standards of care


Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics designs AI-driven solutions to support aging individuals, offering functional assistance for chronic and degenerative diseases

Thought Leadership

Our Family Offices’ Social Side

Relationships are the core of any Family Office and we believe that nurturing time with friends, colleagues and other families is essential to sharing expertise, collaborations and investment opportunities.

Our Global Roadshows

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