European Real Estate Ripe for Rebound in 2023

The euros may have slowed for European real estate last year, but the outlook shines bright for opportunistic investors in 2023.

Total investment across Europe dropped 14% in 2022 as rising rates cooled sentiment. Yet patient capital can now reap discounts across regions and sectors.

While Germany and the UK saw declines, hotspots like Portugal, Spain, and Italy logged double-digit increases. International investors remain hungry, snapping up over half of properties.

With discounts rising, yield-seekers are getting bargain buys in resilient asset classes like offices and multifamily housing. And new standards around liability limits protect investors from getting stuck holding bad bets.

The forecast calls for a steady return of capital flows as economic uncertainty lifts. And Europe’s prime urban centers remain magnets for global wealth.

Savvy investors take the long view – and positions – when others pull back. There’s light on the horizon. But the early birds will catch the juiciest worms.

So sharpen your beaks. With a measured approach, 2023 could be the year opportunity knocks and smart money answers across the European real estate market.

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