Chakra Growth Fund: Pioneering Climate Action

In December 2023, Chakra Growth Fund was launched as a pioneering initiative to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. With climate change posing an urgent threat, this fund aims to make strategic investments in companies and projects focused on decarbonization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

With a global outlook, Chakra Growth Fund plans to make around 20 investments over the next two years. The fund has already garnered strong interest from institutional investors in Saudi Arabia and large family offices. Another fundraising round of over $20 million is expected between April and May 2024.

The fund will collaborate with innovative enterprises, research institutions, and start-ups worldwide to catalyse change. It will make investments across sectors like energy, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing to have a comprehensive impact on emissions reduction.

Partnerships with governments, NGOs, and industry leaders will also be a key strategy. The fund is committed to transparency and accountability in its investment thesis and governance.

Chakra Growth Fund aims to accelerate climate action by strategically directing capital. Its launch comes at a crucial juncture when urgent, collective efforts are needed to transition toward a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders across the world are called upon to join hands with the fund in this shared endeavour to tackle climate change.


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