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Sales Training Program – SELL ME THIS PEN

A safe bet in increased business revenues for start-ups is the use of our intensive training program “Sell Me This Pen”. A fully customized program to the needs of the training group (minimum of 15) that will have access to 40 hours of the best content and examples of sales techniques that are the guarantee of success in any activity. Discounts for commercial departments of companies (> 20 commercial).

You will have Sales professionals with decades of business management experience and Sales Gurus (Digital or Relational) at the disposal of the trainees. We can garantee increases in both Sales Revenues and Comercial Process efficiency (> 50%).

As a add-on service, we offer a follow-up service at the companies HQ to ensure the results are achieved. We will also implement a sales control service and efficiency at no additional cost, which allows you to monitor your Sales progress.

Investment Wizz

It is still in the launch phase – Investment Wizz Service. A simple support system that combines speed, quality assurance and technical knowledge that will enable domestic and foreign investors to take advantage of the best investment opportunities in the market (rates of return above 30% and cash yields 8-12 %).

Tell us what assets you want to invest – real estate, stocks, bonds, securities, technology companies in the energy branches, IT, Health, Sustainability. We will have our experts in the Iberian market ready to report all the interesting investment opportunities in the Western tip of Europe.

The costs are fixed (100€/hour) and may later develop into: Feasibility Study (Technical, Market, Economic); Fundraising (Project Company, Fund); Local Management Team (Deal Flow, Fundraising Deal Execution, Exit).

Start-up Control Toolkit

With an accumulated experience as services providers / consultants, managing on internal conditions and limited markets (human and financial resources), it was born in communion with the Accounting, Investment Management, Financial Control’s “know-how” our offer of added value to SMEs – Start-up Control Toolkit.

A proposal accessible in terms of price and which guarantees an efficient corporate control in the various dimensions of your business – profitability / control costs, financial balance / debt control, cash management / capitalization, logistics / control stock, human resources management and sales optimization. Implemented in six weeks the integrated system with software included and the results are guaranteed. From € 2500 for Portuguese micro, small enterprises.

We follow and monitor the management control systems after deployment, together with the accounting service (from 500 € / month)

EU Incentives Portugal2020

The opening of new proposals Table incentives Support New Community – PORTUGAL 2020 – marked the present. The support granted to Internationalization Qualification, Productive Innovation, Entrepreneurship and R&D have contributed greatly to the increased competitiveness of Portuguese companies.

The UCEA, experienced and recognized partner in the preparation, presentation and monitoring of incentive applications, has a team of specialized consultants for analysis, without obligation, the eligibility of your project. We will help with the preparation, presentation and monitoring applications in all incentive systems currently in place:

– Qualification
– Internacionalization
– Productive Innovation
– Entrepreneurship
– Research and Development

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